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crazy with a method - crazy for crazy!

gazete bu haber vardi bugun, okudukca gulesim geldi.. Gulesim geldikce kendimi kotu hissettim.. ama ampul savasi - bu gercekten de cok yaratici geldi!

"A UF student was arrested Tuesday for setting two fires in his apartment and fighting with the officers who responded, according to the Gainesville Police Department. James Chambless, 21, was charged with battery on law enforcement officials and arson, GPD spokesman Lt. Keith Kameg said.

An off-duty officer was called to Brandywine Apartments at 10:30 a.m. after the apartment manager noticed water leaking from Chambless' second-story apartment into the apartment underneath, Kameg said.

The officer saw a fire on the balcony and called additional police. When Chambless refused to answer the door, officers forced their way in, Kameg said.

Once inside, they saw an aerosol can in the middle of a fire that was burning on the stove, Kameg said. Police also saw a handgun on the stove.

Chambless began swinging a tennis racket and baseball bat at the officers once they were inside, as well as throwing light bulbs at them, Kameg said. One officer suffered minor cuts, he said.

Chambless then ran to a room in the back of the apartment and fought with officers as they tried to force their way into the room.

During the struggle, Chambless punched one officer in the face multiple times, Kameg said. An officer then Tasered Chambless, and he immediately stopped struggling.

Police found a loaded shotgun in the room, Kameg said. Police aren't sure why Chambless started the fires or fought with officers.

Joseph Venegas, Chambless' neighbor, said Chambless' roommate saw him filling the bathtub up with water and toilet paper around 9 a.m. Tuesday. Chambless told his roommate, "Don't worry; there's a method to my madness," Venegas said.

Chambless was a good neighbor, friendly and talkative, Venegas said. "He's a good guy; he just snapped," he said. Chambless is currently being held at Shands at UF for treatment.

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