Cuma, Şubat 29

bir cuma, bir mazeret...

Yine bir ogrencimden gelen not :) Gerci anlayamadim sorunun ne oldugunu - ama kisaca derse gelemiyorum diyor ogrencimiz, kibarca..
Butun tibbi sorunlar niye cumayi bulur?.. Iyi cumalar!

I just wanted to let you know that I might be late to class tomorrow. My strep has caused a problem in my esophagus where I cannot eat or drink without incurring a sharp, stabbing pain in my chest. I went to the ER on Wed and have a follow-up apt tomorrow morning. I should be out in time, but you know how emergency rooms go. Thank you for being understanding and I hope to see you on time tomorrow, if not I can meet with you after class to find out what I missed. I realize that I have missed three classes and I appologize for any trouble that I have caused.

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Carmen dedi ki...

Hi emel!
I hope you are OK now! I am sorry that you were feeling like this! If you need anything just knock on your neighbors door, we are here to help!
Take care,